May 19, 2011

The "Green Monster Smoothie"

While watching the Today Show a few days ago I saw this smoothie, and was intrigued. I've been wanting to start eating a smoothie in place of a meal every so often, but I didn't want a fruit smoothie that was loaded with tons of sugar. Since I misheard Kimberly on the Today Show and thought she said "Going Green Smoothie," instead of "Glowing Green smoothie, I Googled the wrong thing, but found a whole movement instead! What I found was the Green Monster Movement. Apparently this has been around for awhile. There are hundreds of green smoothie recipes online! I read over a few of the recipes on Angela's website and thought, "I can do this!" So, I went to Walmart and bought a blender for $17. I know, I should have gotten a Vita-mix, but 17 doesn't make me have a head-twitch and feel the need to go through the degrees of loss like 400 does.
I made a variation of the first recipe on the Green Monster Movement website. Here's what I did:

2 cups mixed greens (we have organic Market Side Mixed greens from Walmart)
1 1/4 cup milk (I used 1%)
1 T flax
1 banana
1 apple
6 strawberries
Approx. 8 cubes of ice

Place the ingredients into the blender in the following order: 1) Flax, 2) greens, 3) banana, apple, strawberries, 4) milk. The reason for this order is so the heavier ingredients weigh down the flax and greens and keep it from flying up around the blender and sticking to the side. Blend everything on the highest setting for 1 minute or so. Finally, add ice and blend on the ice setting.

It's delicious! If it's not sweet enough, you can always add more fruit. I'm going to do a variation of Glowing Green Smoothie next. She uses celery and lettuce. I'm intrigued.

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  1. My favorite smoothie is a strawberry smoothie.

    Fill milk to top of blade(I use whole milk).
    5 frozen strawberry's
    1 tsp of vanilla(I use the cap).
    1 itsy bitsy bit of stevia
    and blend until smooth. Enjoy:)