June 2, 2011

Crockpot Yogurt!

Yes, you read that right- yogurt made in the crockpot! It works, and it's good! Here's where I got it from.

I did it a little differently because I have a baby and he rules my life requires a lot of attention, so when it says "cook for 2 1/2 hours," mine cooked for 3ish. And when it said "3 hours," mine was closer to 4....but it turned out really well and closely resembles yogurt!!

I plan on adding honey and also using it for parfaits. I'm excited!!

I like this recipe because the only thing I had to buy that I wouldn't have already was a half gallon of whole milk, which cost $2ish. On the link above, she says you can add a packet of unflavored gelatin to low-fat milk instead of using whole milk. I'll try that next time. So a ton of yogurt cost me $2ish. Not bad.


  1. I made yogurt before using our raw milk and a Piima yogurt starter that I purchased from Cultures for Health online. It was one that just had to be left at room temperature for I believe it was 8 hours. I've been wanted to try a new one. How did you make yours?

    Did you know that you can make cream cheese out of yogurt? It's really easy.

  2. The link I posted has the instructions.