December 28, 2011

Best Christmas Present Ever (Not!!)

A couple weeks ago I went out to my garage and found a HUGE box delivered by UPS. It was for my brother, I assumed it was our Christmas present. I texted him, "What the heck did you get us?!!?"
"Something awesome."
"Something huge!!!"
In hindsight, he probably thought I was nuts.
So he gets to our house on Christmas Eve, and he, Daniel, and my dad lug this huge box into our basement. He goes to my mom and says, "I don't understand why it's so big and heavy. It should be smaller than that..."
Christmas morning we go downstairs (since no one wanted to carry it up) and start opening the box. I see a packet of paper that says something like "Video Instruction Manual blah blah."
"Brandon! We need video instructions for what you bought us?!" I looked at the packet of papers, and I could make out what it said underneath the top page: Refrigeration unit for Kegerator*. Kegerator. "BRANDON!!!!!! YOU BOUGHT US A KEGERATOR?!!? WHY!!!!"
"What!? I did not buy you a kegerator!!! I bought you an old-fashioned popcorn machine!!!!"
So Brandon called Walmart on Monday to get the mess straightened out, and found out someone got a popcorn maker instead of a safe. So someone who was expecting a safe got popcorn maker, someone who was expecting a kegerator got a safe, and we got a kegerator.
Wow, Walmart. Wow.
The most hilarious part of the whole thing is when my brother was on the phone with Walmart, he told them he bought the popcorn maker for us since my husband is a youth minister and he thought it would be good for youth group activities. The woman might have peed herself from laughter.
Happy Holidays!!!
*For those who do not know, a kegerator is a refrigeration system for a keg. Of beer.

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