January 10, 2012

Fun Kids Music

Have you all heard of the Laurie Berkner band? An elementary school music teacher friend told me about her. She has really fun songs for little kids. She has a show on watch instant on Netflix, but it wouldn't load so I can't fully recommend it yet. I really like her song We are the Dinosaurs. We've been enjoying listening to her on Pandora.

Also, GoFish Guys is a group of dads who wanted to make music for kids that didn't drive parents crazy. I liked the few songs I heard from them, especially The Ten Commandment Boogie. This group is probably more for elementary school aged kids, but I think Aiden could start listening to them now :o)

Seeds Family Worship is recommended by Missy on itsalmostnaptime.blogspot.com. The link is a good review of their music, written in true Missy style. They also seem good for older kids....like 7-8 and up, but I'm not sure. I've only listened to a couple songs on their website.

I also really liked Will.I.Am's song on Sesame Street, but he looked really bored while singing it. But it still liked it. Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars did a better job at looking like they wanted to be there, but I didn't like their songs as well.

So that's what we're listening to here. What do you like to play for your kids?

"Do the 10 commandment boogie, the boogie, the boogie, the ten commandment boogie...."

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  1. I think Jack Johnson has a children's album to go along with the Curious George movie...those songs come up on my Pandora a lot and I always enjoy them! (But I'm not listening with a mother's ears so you should definitely preview first! :-) )