April 17, 2012

Gratituesday: Aiden

"Gratituesday" is a time once a week to verbalize at least one blessing in your life. It's hosted by Laura at Heavenly Homemakers. It's really uplifting to read her blog every Tuesday and see all the people who "linked up" to the post with their own "gratituesday" post. So, I decided to join in!

We've been battling a lot of sickness at our house the past 2 months- Aiden got an ear infection that lasted over a month, we've all had stuffy noses and sore throats, and now Aiden has Hand, Foot and Mouth disease! He has blisters on his hands and bottom, and had ulcers on his throat. Poor little guy!

Due to all the sickness, there's been a lot of fussiness. And when I say a lot, know it's drastically understated, ok? When Aiden's not feeling well, no one feels well! But all this fussiness and sickness has made me really appreciate the happy times.

Every laugh, smile, or peaceful moment where he plays by himself is a gift. And it should be every time, but he's always been such a happy kid, I took it for granted. He is strong-willed and gets frustrated, so don't think we never had any crying! But it was always for a purpose- a visible purpose that Momma could help with! I can't help the "I don't feel well" cry. I can't snuggle enough! But the moments that the pain meds have kicked in and he's running around, singing and laughing are gold! 

He's getting over this HFMD mess, and we're finally getting back to more happy than sad (knock on wood!). We're all, especially Aiden, happy he's getting 'back to normal.' 

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